Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)

Solution Focused Brief Therapy concentrates in client’s strengths and expertise in her/his life. The therapist’s job is to accept the current situation as it is, and by observing and making well targeted questions lead the clients thoughts to find new ways of thinking, strengths from succesful actions in past and alternative models for future choices rather than spending too much time analyzing why or how the problem came up in the first place. Often there can be found new and already well functioning ways of reacting from other areas of life.

It is quite commonly misunderstood, that in SFBT past events would be totally neglected. While SFBT concentrates in making precise and objective observations of the current situation and already proven actions, there is still interest to study the past enough to find out what is essential for building up a new approach. We don’t need to avoid the past, but we also don’t need to get stuck with it. When we find a new path in one issue, it often opens up new possibilities in other areas too.

I started studying SFTB during fall 2021 in Helsinki Psychotherapy Institute and will be graduating in October 2023. Our studies include 108 sessions of work (each 45 min) as therapy practitioner, which I have started in May 2022. I meet clients at Helsinki Mental Health Society premises in Topeliuksenkatu (close to Töölö Library). You can book a session or contact me for more info here. After first session it is also possible to continue by using remote connection.

In Brief Therapy (sometimes also called Short Term Therapy) the total amount of sessions is normally between 1 and 20. In each of them we go through the client’s goals, steps towards the goals, already functioning models of action and new thought-action chains to be practiced in everyday life. The client decides together with the therapist of the continuity of the sessions as well as the frequency. Sessions can be held by remote connections, however specially in the beginning I prefer meeting live.

The sessions are always strictly confidential. In Brief Therapy social security information is not used. I do not store any client information in any database. I may write down some memos during sessions, but they are only for the client’s own use. If there is need for me to write down any information in order to better prepare next session, I would do it coded unidentifiable and stored in secure and locked place and only until the client’s last session. If there came up a theme that would be useful for another client to learn from or to be shared with fellow therapists for educational reasons, that would be done carefully, hiding any possibilities to recognize anyone involved in the original story.

SFBT is not compensated by KELA, like Rehabilitative Psychotherapy is. (However there is Vocational Rehabilitation in the form of low-barrier NUOTTI coaching for young persons between 16 and 29 years, whose functional status is significantly decreased. You can find more info about that from here.)

Brief Therapy is not considered to be ideal form of therapy for serious traumatic or psychotic symptoms. However SFBT has been found in scientific research to be effective in treatment of depression.

Brief Therapy can also be very useful to lift up the quality of life meanwhile the client has to wait for long-term psychotherapy to begin. I take clients regularly in Kamppi, Arkadiankatu on mondays between 15:00 and 18:30. Also other times can be temporarily fixed by request.

Call and book a session: Mielivalmentamo 045 7835 0878

”The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not on the fighting the old, but on building the new.” Socrates (ca. 470 – 399 bce)