References as coach

Liability is very important to me. All sessions are confidential and appreciated with privacy. Therefore I share the following feedback quotes without telling who gave it.

I do not hold a register, nor do I pass information of held sessions to third person. I will not tell anyone who have been my clients. If my previous experience as coach includes a certain shared experience which would be beneficial for another session, I make sure, there’s nothing that could be identified in the story that I share.

Thanks to all those, who have given me feedback! 

”The session was clear and precise. I had a good feeling talking with you. You were actually excellent for making me feel at ease, very comfortable and getting all the answers I needed about NLP.”

”The atmosphere in our sessions has always been pleasant, calming and with strong presence. The excercises have been held with acceptance and encouraging, also challenging themes have been allowed to be brought in to light. You have given time to think and process, to let ideas come without excessive ’forcing’.”

”Your role has been supportive, respectful, accepting. You notice things that you point out nicely, without too much explanations. You don’t advice or teach, rather guide and give space for my own thoughts and interpretations.”  

”My experience of NLP-coaching is that it is very useful, effective and versatile. Teppo Ali-Mattila is very professional, exhilarating, and supporting coach, who made it easy and safe to dive into the exercises and to search for new ways to approach things.”

”I have benefitted from our sessions in many ways. The exercises have gone way deeper than I expected. You have helped me  to find and see new angles in my life. The exercises have supported me on my path and opened new landscapes. Thank you!”

”You make me feel so confident, that it has been very comfortable to do these exercises. Also those, which first felt a little scary, and which I normally would have escaped from.”

”Because of our coaching session, I was able to control my thoughts and get rid of the panic before exciting performance, and also stay in charge during the performance. It is hard to imagine more dedicated coach than Teppo Ali-Mattila.”

”You can give adequately space and time for my own thoughts. You are with ease and listen. You share your own knowledge and experiences without being self-important, which makes me feel equal.”

”Calm and relaxed as well as accepting mode in exercises has helped me and I have been bold enough to stop and listen to my own feelings. This has helped me to use my imaginination and also to use my auditive abilities. All this has taken me to completely new levels than before. In addition all these skills work in everyday life.”

”One weekend I felt that this journey with NLP is like voyage of discovery. With this in my mind, I could easily picture you as coach, guide and fellow passenger. Your accomplishment brings more depth to the exercises.”

”I have also got many great hints and links (for example books by Brené Brown) which have led me to even more new insights.”

”At the end of that first session, we experimented the anchoring. I can say now it worked! I could even make another anchoring point myself that I am using in every concert!”