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I often get asked: What is NLP?

For me it is a collection of methods that we can use to change the way we think and act, in order to have better connection with our actions, values and goals. We can free ourselves from habits that we might have copied unconsciously, and replace them with ones that are more harmonious with our present state.

With NLP we are able to recognize different ways of communication, understand each other better and learn to broaden our social skills. At the same time we can shape our own messages to be more understandable.

One essential theme in NLP is our contact to our personal unconscious wisdom, instincts and intuition.

There is huge amount of “tools” and exercises that are collected from experts and masters of various professions most skilled persons, methods that they have been using with great results in practise. They have been shaped into straightforward learnable packages, so that anyone interested can try them and modify them further for their own needs. Theoretical structures are smoothly connected with practice.

I have degrees of:IMG_3077

NLP Practitioner 2013, True Hearts NLP Finland

NLP Master Practitioner 2014, True Hearts NLP Finland

NLP Associate Trainer, April 2015, VMT-training, Finland

NLP Trainer June 2016, VMT-training, Finland

NLP Coaching

Most of us have strong limiting beliefs of our talents and capacity.

We have built a self-image at very early age from the feedback that we’ve received from people around us, no matter how neutral or adequate they have been.

To be seen an accepted as we are; these are our very basic needs. Sometimes we make choices against our inner intelligence, prioring to avoid conflicts with others. If this is done repeatedly, it may lead to high stress levels and anxiety. It may also be very complicated to connect the reasons and results with each other.

With NLP methods we are able to return to past situations and change our present reactions to them. We can update and synchronize our reactions to our history with our present capacity. We can free ourselves even from burdens that may be completely forgotten from our concious memory.

We can also strengthen our hidden abilities and talents, let go of unnecessary fears and see truly positive meanings in negatively experienced feelings and situations.

For myself it is essential to create lot of space for own insights, to give time and safe surroundings for current topics to start blossom. Each one of us is the best authority of our own lives. Our bodies and minds are exceptionally wise and capable to send us messages: what is most needed right now? We just need to listen and learn to decode these messages correctly. And we do need to ask for help, when in need.

It is also very important to learn to recognize the persons that are trustworthy.

In personal coaching, mentoring, redirecting and fellow travelling my aim is to help in:

  • finding solutions
  • recognizing causations
  • practising new methods
  • training new attitudes in practise.

NLP is an excellent toolkit on the way towards becoming the best version of yourself.


I feel comfortable giving speeches of themes that are close to my personal experiences, such as:

  • ▪ practising with target
  • ▪ coaching for performance
  • ▪ stage fright
  • ▪ workload coping
  • ▪ stress management
  • ▪ relaxation
  • ▪ orchestra as working community
  • ▪ leadership and communication in orchestras and companies

It is possible to connect NLP to any human activity, because these methods are picked from practical situations. The end result is a collection of skills from top experts that have reached their own peak state, either following their natural instincts and talents, or by doing lot’s of research and studying.

The lecture will be planned to meet the hopes and interests of the group involved. Interactivity before and during the lecture is crucial for productive results.

There is also option to include sound bowl relaxation to the lecture. This can give a significant boost for creativity and mindful presence for every individual.

Bookings by phone: call Mielivalmentamo 045 7835 0878



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